New Feature Google Chrome, Tabs Group

New Feature Google Chrome, Tabs Group

If you're using many tabs on google chrome every day, this feature is for you!

Today I stumble on a new feature about google chrome that seems interesting and after a few minutes of using it I know I will use it every day. This new feature allows you to group your tabs using tags so you can expand or shorten them.

This is my current browser's window. As you can see I have many tabs opened as usual and nothing different.


First, you need to create those tags. Right-click on a tab. Choose Add a tab to a new group. You should see a bubble with new inside.


Now git it a name and a colour.


As you can see, a tag with the name Work with the colour yellow appears next to the tab Online courses. Now let's group many tabs together.

Right-click on another tab and add this tab to the same group. Add tab to group then Work.


Now as you can see I have 2 tabs with the same group.


Now the fun part. Click on the group next to the tabs and see what happens. Tabs collides and you only see the group. So you can now organise your tabs.



This was a short post about that new feature I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comment, I'd be please to read your feedback.